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Artistic, cultural and film projects by Daniela Swarowsky

Messages from Paradise #1 - Egypt : Austria. About the Permanent Longing for Elsewhere. Film by Daniela Swarowsky and Samuli Schielke, 2009. Arabic with English subtitles.
رسائل من الجنة #1 - مصر : النمسا. عن البحث الدائم عن مكان أفضل. فيلم وثائقي لدانييلا سفاروفسكي. بالعربية مع الترجمة الإنجليزية

Messages From Paradise #2 - Morocco : the Netherlands. Vacation Destination Home. Film by Daniela Swarowsky, 2014. Netherlands, Tamazight, Arabic, and French with English subtitles.

رسائل من الجنة #2 - المغرب : هولاندا. فيلم وثائقي لدانييلا سفاروفسكي، 2014، نسخة مترجمة إلى العربية
Messages From Paradise #2 with Arabic subtitles

Messages from Paradise
Read more about Daniela Swarowsky's trilogy of documentary films about migration and the permanent longing for elsewhere. Two parts were completed; the trilogy was left unfinished after Daniela's death in 2019.

In Search of Europe?
Equals in an Unequal World
Interdisciplinary exhibition about the world after Europe, Berlin 2013-2014

Zenith in Motion
Projects about migration, gentrification and art
in Zwaanshals, Rotterdam

Zwaanshals in Motion
This is how Zenith in Motion began 2004-2006

Among_Others 3
Intermedia dialogue with four artist groups, Vienna 1999


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